Traditional keys cannot track who or when people are accessing your building, and when keys go missing re-keying locks can be extremely expensive.

  • Are you sick & tired of re-keying locks instead of cancelling and re-issuing a new key whenever someone loses a key or quits?
  • Do you want better control of access to your building? And better reporting?
  • Do you want to perform facility or area lock-down with the push of a button?
  • Do you want to see video coordinated with your keyless entry system at your call box?
  • Do you want to remotely unlock and control doors at your call box?
  • Do you want powered automatic door openers, powered gates, or turnstiles at your entry points?

The Rite Group offers a complete range of state-of-the-art solutions meeting nearly any access control challenge.

We cover the full gamut of access control products including: Kaba, Saf-Lok, Kaba Ilco, Keyscan, Rosslare, Alarmlock, AIPhone, and many others.

We deliver reliable, robust and rugged products for a multitude of installation environments including harsh weather conditions both indoors and out. Featuring the latest technologies and industrial designs, we protect your premises, assets or intellectual property, keeping it safe without comprising on comfort or aesthetics.

Call us for a tailor-made solution to any problem you want to solve.

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