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The Rite Group

An honestly different company.
  • We don’t do business with “customers,” under caveat emptor, but with clients, who want and receive our care, advice and protection.
  • We only do business with people we trust and respect.
  • We recognize our products and services become increasingly complex, are uneconomic in the wrong applications or in untrained hands, and require the highest skill and care in their installation and maintenance.
  • Our team is professionally trained, seeks opportunities for growth, feels passion for their work and pride in their company, and demonstrates the true spirit of client partnership.
  • We sell differently: seeking first to understand, before we seek to be understood. We solve our clients’ problems and absolutely guarantee their total satisfaction.
  • We adhere to professional standards.
  • We keep promises and respect integrity, making sure we consistently do what our conscience tells us is correct in all departments of life.
  • We respect dependability, making sure we do the right thing at the right time for the right reason, and for the right fee. We come like the fire department whenever a client calls.
  • We remain committed to the pursuit of excellence in all we do, believing: Those who serve best, profit most.
  • We feel compassion, and act on it.
  • We keep the end in mind by exercising disciplined effort to produce desirable results, focusing our energies and time on our goals, so our clients always experience our motto: "Fix it right the first time, every time!"
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The Rite Group

5303 Old Cape Rd E
Jackson, MO 63755

Phone: 573.334.4439
Fax: 573.334.3471
Emergency Support: 573.334.4439
Blog: blog.theritegroup.com

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Our experts provide flat-rate computer support, network services and IT consulting throughout the Cape Girardeau, Park Hills, Carbondale, Sikeston, and Poplar Bluff areas.

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